I’m a Grassroots Candidate Who Believes That Every Individual’s Voice Can Make a Difference For The Future

Mission for Hayward

Campaign Agenda

Some people have planks... I have plans. My plans focus on a hierarchy of needs that every city and its citizens are entitled to.

Every citizen has the right to have a safe community to live and work in; Hayward should not be an exception. Our diverse men and women of the Hayward Police Department provide exceptional service while being overworked and severely understaffed. As you are reading this, only nine officers are patrolling 283 miles of Hayward roads, which equates to one officer every 32 miles to cover armed robbery thefts, vandalism, missing person, mental health calls, motor vehicle accidents, domestic disturbance, catalytic converter theft, and fireworks, to name a few. It's a heavy burden to place this upon any officer. It's an even heavier burden if we allow this to continue. We need additional officers to meet the needs of our community. Another critical aspect of attracting new officers to Hayward is a new police building. Our current building is fifty-years-old and, is outdated, and needs multiple repairs and upgrades. In 2017 the city of Hayward pursued the idea of a new police building but quickly dropped it.
As your newly elected councilman, I will make sure the city recommits itself fully to a new police building during my term in the city council. We need to give our police the adequate tools Support they need to protect our residents and businesses in Hayward.