I’m a Grassroots Candidate Who Believes That Every Individual’s Voice Can Make a Difference For The Future


As a 22 year veteran of 911 ambulance emergency services, I stand by our
community emergency responders including police, fire, and EMS.

Thank you for visiting my website and spending time to learn more about me and my vision to make Hayward a better community for our families.

First a little about me. My wife and I have been proud members of the Hayward community for 25 years. We have raised our two children, ages 14 and 19, in this community, both attending Hayward schools.

I have dedicated my career to helping others in the field of healthcare. As an emergency medical technician/ambulance driver and a hospital emergency room technician, as well a staff member at an adult day health care center, I have learned there are some things we have no control of, but quality of life is not one of those. We can make a difference in our community.


Working For The People
Working For The People

During my career I have also advocated for my fellow union workers as a shop steward.

I have a vision for Hayward, but I can't do it by myself. Your input is vital. I would like to work together to achieve our dream of making Hayward the best city to live, work, play and put roots down in. Below you will find information on my campaign agenda, but I'd like to hear from you about what your vision for Hayward is. As I walk door-to-door I will be speaking with my fellow community members and asking what is important to them. I will be picking the five most popular and working to add them into my campaign.

I look forward to being inspired by your thoughts and feedback. If you wish, feel free to email me your ideas or concerns. You can reach me at EMail-Me.
Please read further to learn about my campaign agenda and how with your vote I can work to improve the quality of live for the people of the City of Hayward.


Tom Ferreira